A service application that allows busy men and HRs of companies to order and present flowers to women and colleagues using a special calendar
The service with a calendar, delivery to the customer and customization of the bouquet. The service helps to plan all purchases of flowers, with a predictable price and distribution with monthly payments. To do this, we create our own web and mobile application, using them you can make quick data entry, receive reminders, track delivery. Florists receive predictable orders, even if they haven't own store.
Maximum simplicity. You choose holidays, recipients and personal preferences. You choose categories of bouquets. The company can upload the list of employees.
The ability to subscribe for the required period, distribution of payments in equal installments or monthly.
Adding several bouquets to your subscription randomly to surprise and delight your loved one
Affordable price
Bouquet with author's design, personal preferences, delivered directly to your hands at the price of a regular bouquet
Many florists
The best florists of the city receive an application for creating a bouquet and make it exactly in time for you personally
Mobile app
A mobile application with a simple interface will send a reminder and allow you to keep everything under control
Start using for free
Ignite is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.
Start tracking your fitness and bodybuilding achievements today!
Start and development in Estonia.
Then step by step entering target markets
and capturing at least 3% in each country
Go-to-market strategy
Busy people
People who know how to use the internet and mobile applications

The main strategy is to create newsbreakes for publications in the media and news, SMM advertising and Google Ads
HR and company managers
Companies who have culture for people recognition or office decoration

Direct sales, SMM and specialized advertising
Experienced florists with at least one 1 year of professional practice who can use web and mobile applications

We contact them using referral program, advertising, direct sales
Market growth opportunity
At the moment, the flower market shows growth trends of 6% annually. You can see that ecommerce is taking over the traditional market.
Overall market value
We plan to launch the prototype and MVP in Estonia, and then expand to Finland, Sweden, Norway and Germany. Market is very diversified and big players is not taking more than 10%. We believe that target of 2% is doable and well weighted. It gives us 202 mln turnover or 50 mln profit
Business model
Subscription will resolve the issue of regular orders. The client pays in one invoice for flowers, delivery and service. Our profit is the cost of service 25% of the cost of the bouquet (on average 6 out of 35 euros)
Return of investment
We plan to reach the break-even point by year 3 of the project and make a profit of 3 million euros by the fifth year of the project in just two countries.
Vera Zemscova
CEO, Sales, PR
Vassili Rusmanov
CTO, SW Developer
Andrei Zemscov
SW Developer
Chief Marketing Officer
Chief operating officer
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We are still in the process of creating our prototype
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