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How it works?
Fill out the form
A simple and intuitive application form with information about your favorite colors, preferred price, time and delivery address. You don't need to know the names of the flowers. Just click on the options you like
Individual solution
You receive a letter in which we agree on the content of the order and select the best solution among many florists. Most likely, you will receive an offer within 5 to 30 minutes
Shipping and payment
You can pay by card from any country. We deliver at the right time and place, while you receive an SMS about the delivery status and you can follow the courier online
(available in Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu and Riga)
Will take three minutes
Fill in the form for ordering flowers ↓↓↓
Start filling out the questionnaire (approximate time 3 minutes)
The result with the offer will be sent to your e-mail.
Select the desirable cost
Price for bouquet (EUR)
What type of flowers is best for you?
Multiple options can be selected
What is the reason to order flowers?
Multiple values can be selected
What varieties of flowers are best suited?
Choose several varieties of flowers for our service to choose an individual option for you. If there are no preferred options in the list, please report it in the next step.
Wishes for the composition and shape of the bouquet
Are there any flowers that are definitely not suitable (do not like, allergies). You can also indicate here if there are no necessary flowers in list at all (optional)
Choose your preferred colors
Choose one or several flowers that will be preferably used in the design of the bouquet
Postcard text
If you need a postcard, fill out this field
Which city do we need to bring flowers to?
If the city you need is not in the list, let us know and we will try to find a solution.
Delivery address
The exact address
Delivery Comments
You can add information for courier
Recipient name
who will receive the delivery
Recipient phone number
DATE for delivery?
Your name
Your email for confirmation
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Your phone
For emergency communication if necessary

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Why is it better than shopping in a store?
Profitable proposition
You get access to many florists in different cities and regions. Now you don't have to compare offers or come to the store. We DOING this for you in advance!
Quality flowers
You use a system where we are constantly increasing the number of the best suppliers and florists.
An internal rating system allows you to monitor the quality and freshness of flowers.
Reduced waste
Did you know that flower shops throw more than 50% of flowers in the trash? If you apply in advance, you can help reduce this percentage and reduce waste. Therefore, such orders are the most profitable.
How can I pay?
we accept payments to the account of an Estonian company or through the international payment system Stripe. Through STRIPE you can pay by card or ApplePay
After filling out the FORM, you automatically REDIRECTED to the page with the ability to pay, and we also send you a letter
How long will you process the order? Can I order at night for the morning?
In average, order processing, including the creation of the bouquet, confirmation and payment, lasts from 30 to 120 minutes. If you need to act urgently or at a non-standard time, be sure to let us know and we will do our best to help you out. For example: on March 7, an order came at 21-00 to deliver to different city at march 8. At 9-20 am the recipient got the bouquet
How can I pay via bank directly?
Our payment details:
EE281010220289373221 SEB
EE752200221075473043 SWEDBANK

Purpose of payment: FLowers for [your name]
How can I order several bouquets at once? For example, for company employees?
Multiple ordering functionality is currently under development. Therefore, if you need to order two bouquets or order for a company, you can fill out the standard application form, write all the details / need for an invoice in the comments to the bouquet, or send a request to
What if I change my mind?
No problem, just let us know as soon as possible. If this done before we prepared the bouquet and send the courier We will return full amount during business hours
I want to see in advance the bouquet that you will send
Since our bouquet is created individually for your request, we do not have the same solutions and staged photos as in other stores. Nevertheless, we always see which bouquets are sent to the recipient and control this. If you want to see the bouquet before sending it, just let us know when you agree on the order.
What if flowers are seems spoiled?
So far, we did not had such situations. we ask the florist in advance to send us photo to assess the quality and we sign an agreement only with florists with a good reputation. But if suddenly something is wrong with the bouquet, let us know as soon as possible and we will resolve the issue.
Can I return the bouquet after receiving it?
We are ready for dialogue and will do our best to make you and the recipient satisfied, although the law says that flowers are non-returnable goods.
What is the cost of delivery?
Standard shipping cost (Tallinn, Pärnu, Tartu, Narva) is 3 euros. For other cities or some distant locations the cost of delivery and possibility for discount are determined individually
Bouquets created in our system
No Scene Photos, Only Real Bouquets With Freshest Flowers
Created with the support
If you want to become a partner, please contact us
We dreamt up a special software service, which helps people to keep in mind the important occasions and order flowers in couple of clicks. It will be a mobile and web application with maximum simplicity. You choose dates, recipients, and personal preferences. You will get timely reminders with an easy way to order flowers for the price you want.

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