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about us

Zenflower is a software platform that connects talented florists and people, who want to buy flowers.

We grow your business by helping thousands of people find your venue and by making it super easy for your regulars to order more and reduce waste.

Why become a zenflower partner?

More money, guaranteed

With our service, you can manage your sales, pre-order flowers 2-3 days in advance. Our billing gives you control over your income

It's 100% risk-free

now There's no fee for joining zenflower. You can quit whenever, for any reason. And as zenflower operates on commission, we benefit only, if you get lots of new sales
No rent spendings
You have customers even with no physical or online store. You can create bouquets from your home. Your talent, professional skills, and fresh plants is all that do matters
Legal and quality
We work officially, therefore we conclude an agreement only with legal entities. You can apply for both a company and an FIE. We make sure that the bouquets are fresh, beautiful and correspond to the order. We have an internal rating system. If you send stale flowers, then we will be forced to refuse to cooperate

How it works
Create an account
You fill out a form where you enter all the data.
We check it and you join the closed part of the site and the ability to receive notifications about orders for flowers in your city. We also send you a letter of guarantee about payment of orders
You start taking orders and creating bouquets and compositions by the required date.
After creating a bouquet, you send us his photo for confirmation. We check its compliance with the order and expectations and send it to the delivery service
Control your rating
The more successfully completed orders, the higher your rating, more applications and the higher the cost of bouquets
You get paid for your work on a monthly basis, every two weeks, or immediately after the work is completed. Send us an invoice for payment. We take commission only from our client, and on average it is 25%
We launched Zenflower in October 2020 and have won several startup competitions. We are also members of Tehnopol Startup Incubator.

We develop our service and initially we launch the project only in Estonia, later we enter the markets of Scandinavia, England, Germany and other countries.

We are not flower shops, we are an IT startup that creates an international smart calendar of important events and thus makes it easy to order flowers. Anytime, anywhere.

How do you choose who to work with?
Initially, we rely on the recommendation, then on the experience and work performed. As a result, successful cooperation is the most important for us.
How do you pay?
When you connect to the system, we conclude a contract (now it is a letter of guarantee). Using it, you can receive money for completed bouquets with different frequencies - once every 30 or 14 days. In some cases or upon request, we can send money immediately after delivery to the client.
How are you different from other systems - Interflora, Bolt, Wolt? Can I work with them at the same time?
We take commission only from the client, not from florists. You don't have to have any special equipment or obligatory ready-made bouquets. Plus, we send both urgent orders and give the opportunity to form a procurement schedule. At the same time, now we do not take money for joining. You can work with us and with any other system.
Can I work as a private florist and an individual?
We formalize our relationship only legally, and if you are an individual, then you will have to pay all taxes from each order, and this is about 70 euros from every 100. Therefore, we work only with legal entities so far. Maybe this is just the time to start your own business? =)
What does an order look like, where can I get information about it and how much can I earn on it?
Most often, the order will be textual and contain the information: "Preferred flowers, colors used in the bouquet, what exactly should not be, what is the reason, the cost of the bouquet, where and when the order will be sent."
You can see the information in the closed part of the site and in a private chat in Telegram (there you can book it for yourself). When making a request, we indicate the price that will be transferred to you, and only you can calculate the costs and profits from the bouquet.
I didn't find an answer to my question or I have a service proposal.
You can always ask us a question if it is not on the list. To do this, you can use the form below. We are a growing startup, so we would be glad to receive advice and suggestions, as we are constantly changing and improving the service.
Our contacts
Vera +372 53853055 (rus) 
Dmitri +372 58343737 (rus, eng, est) 
Linda tn 2, Narva, Ida-Virumaa, Estonia
OÜ Zenflower Reg 16100330
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